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5 Things Your Tenants Are Responsible For

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As a landlord you are required to provide a safe and habitable residence for your tenant. However your property won't remain in this state without an ongoing effort by your tenant to maintain your property. You can't control how a tenant lives however it is reasonable to expect your tenant to use your property appropriately and these obligations are usually covered in the lease.  

1/ Looking After Appliances

 It is essential that tenants properly look after appliances such as stoves, microwaves and dryers. If any repairs are needed because of negligence, the tenant may have to pay for the repairs to be done instead of the landlord. However landlords are responsible for any maintenance such as filter replacements or duct cleaning.

 2/ Gardening

 Keeping a garden relatively well-maintained is usually the tenant’s responsibility and again, this is usually covered by the lease. Regardless, it is always the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the garden is kept safe by removing any obstacles.

3/ Disposing Of Rubbish 

In order to keep a clean and tidy home you need to ensure that rubbish is disposed of properly, usually by the tenant. Whether the tenant is disposing of rubbish in a house or you have organised disposal in a block of flats, either way it is essential that somebody takes on the responsibility of rubbish disposal. Otherwise you may find that you have a pest control problem!

4/ Rodent Control

 It is the landlord’s duty to ensure that a property is pest free before any tenant moves in. However, once a tenant has occupied the property it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not attract pests due to poor hygiene in the property.

5/ Keeping The House Mould Free 

Mould can grow anywhere that has moisture. It is the landlord’s job to ensure that any mould is removed if it originates from a plumbing or building leak. However the tenants will be required to clean the mould up if it caused by poor hygiene.